Rap A Tap 

Center For The Arts 

3582 Mt. Acadia Blvd.  San Diego, CA 92111  ~  858-256-0749 

2020-2021 Tuition Rates 

Due to COVID-19 restrictions all classes are limited to 1 hour.  Each class includes 50 minutes of instructional time and 10 minutes for class transitions, cleaning, and fresh air breaks. 

ZOOM classes will also be limited to 1 hour and will include 10 minutes for teacher feedback, and interaction that students would experience in an in person class. 

​Tiny Tot Classes (ages 3-5) will remain at 45min. 

​​Student Enrollment 

Monthly Rate 
45min per week $46.00
1 hour per week
1.50 hours per week
1.75 hours per week

2 hours per week

2.5 hours per week
3 hours per week$117.00
3.5 hours per week
4 hours per week$149.00
5 hours per week$181.00
Unlimited (+ 5 hours)


Annual  Registration Fee 
$25 1st Student
$15 2nd Sibling
$10 3rd Sibling

  • All tuition fees are due on the 1st of each month
  • Rap A Tap accepts payment in the form of cash, check, or credit card:  Visa, Master Card, Discover
  • Students can enroll in Automatic Tuition Payments. Please contact us to set it up.
  • Any payments made after the 5th of the month will incur a $20 late fee

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