2020 Class Schedule Coming Soon 

Master Classes

May 15th & 16th 

Tap showcase

May 17th 

SD Tap Fest 2020

has been cancelled due to COVID-19. We will reschedule and provide future dates as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding. 

Larisa Hall

Meet Our Teaching Staff

More faculty announcements coming soon

Claudia Gomez

Vikki Weinberger

Narayana Hall

Josh Morris

Dante' Lara

Summer Williams

Classes & Footage Party Location:

Rap A Tap Center For The Arts

(CPMA Middle School)

5050 Conrad Avenue San Diego, Ca 92117

Showcase Location:

Cafe Bar Europa

873 Turquoise St,

San Diego, CA 92109

Do you have a Tap group that would like to perform in our Tap Showcase on Sunday, May 17th?

Email us: summer@rapataparts.com

Rap A Tap 

Center For The Arts 

5050 Conrad Avenue  San Diego, CA 92117  ~  619-500-7922 

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