• 3:04
  • Cupid Shuffle4:39
  • 4:23

  • nanana1:58
  • Rhythmy of The Night Final2:12
  • What Is Love2:26
  • Stand By Me2:26
  • 2:01

Int 2/Adv Tap Paddle N' Roll Combination

Lucky's Tap Dancing Feet

Rap A Tap Disneyland Live Performance

Watch a dance show from your living room!

Tiny Tots Ballet/Tap

Beg/Int Tap Class

Shim Sham Tutorial

Story Time ​

Why Do You Dance?

Tell us what makes you love to dance, and then share it with us!

Email your journal entry to summer@rapataparts.com and you might see your entry on our social media. 

   Dance Worksheets, coloring pages, quizzes

   * Extra Challenge - practice each step as you find it in the word search

  • That's What Friends Are For (Remastered)4:15

Youth Ballet/Jazz

  Dance Journaling

​  *Grab your dance journal and start writing

Hello Rap A Tap Families,

We might not be able to dance together in the studio, but we still want you to stay connected to us, keep dancing, having fun, and exercising. Our virtual dance studio has all kinds of resources for you to enjoy. From worksheets, to sample lessons, journaling ideas, dance challenges and more! Dance with us online, share with us in the comments, let us know how you are keeping active and dancing from home!

Take a Pre-Recorded Class below or join us LIVE on Zoom HERE!

Jazz Cardio

Dance Challenges

  • Down at the Ballet Class2:33
  • Going on a Bear Hunt (2015 Version)3:19
  • Animal Action2:12
  • 3:11
  • 2:40
  • 3:14

  • Laura 90%2:23
  • 09 Let's Get Loud3:30
  • Worship Edited Tap Company 2:43

Tiny Tot Ballet/Jazz

Ballet Barre Music 

Fun Music For The Family 

Tiny Tot Dance Party 

Tap Company Music   

Guide to Journaling for Dance Students.pdf

50 Journal prompts to get you thinking and writing about your dance training

Class & Performance Music  

Youth Jazz Combo

Int 2/Adv Crawl Combination

Performance Team Music 

  • Plie (Somebody That I Used to Know 4/4) [Slower]1:37
  • Battement Tendu (Gwb [F@ck You] 4/4) [Slower]1:20
  • Battement Jete (Firework 4/4) [Slower]1:04
  • Rond De Jamb a Terre (Ineffective Lullaby 4/4) [Slower]1:41
  • Battement Fondu (Alehandro 4/4)0:49

Tiny Tots Dance Class  

Recital Music

Beg/Int Tap 

Rap A Tap 

Center For The Arts 

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​​Int 2/Adv Leon Collins #53 "Karina-Guest Teacher"

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