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Guide to Journaling for Dance Students.pdf

50 Journal prompts to get you thinking and writing about your dance training

Int 2/Adv Crawl Combination

Story Time ​

Tiny Tot Dance Party 

Beg/Int Tap 

​​Int 2/Adv Leon Collins #53 "Karina-Guest Teacher"

Tiny Tot Ballet/Jazz

Dance Challenges

Youth Jazz Combo


  Dance Worksheets, coloring pages, quizzes

Int 2/Adv Tap Paddle N' Roll Combination

Lucky's Tap Dancing Feet

Tiny Tots Ballet/Tap

Beg/Int Tap Class

Shim Sham Tutorial

Dance Journaling


Pre-Recorded Virtual Dance Class 

Youth Ballet/Jazz

Hello Rap A Tap Families,

We might not be able to dance together in the studio, but we still want you to stay connected to us, keep dancing, having fun, and exercising. Our virtual dance studio has all kinds of resources for you to enjoy. From worksheets, to sample lessons, journaling ideas, dance challenges and more!

Jazz Cardio

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