Rap a Tap Center for the Arts

3582 Mt. Acadia Blvd. Ste. E. ~ San Diego, CA 92111



Guide to Journaling for Dance Students.pdf

50 Journal prompts to get you thinking and writing about your dance training

Int 2/Adv Crawl Combination

Story Time ​

Tiny Tot Dance Party 

Beg/Int Tap 

​​Int 2/Adv Leon Collins #53 "Karina-Guest Teacher"

Tiny Tot Ballet/Jazz

Dance Challenges

Youth Jazz Combo


  Dance Worksheets, coloring pages, quizzes

Int 2/Adv Tap Paddle N' Roll Combination

Lucky's Tap Dancing Feet

Tiny Tots Ballet/Tap

Beg/Int Tap Class

Shim Sham Tutorial

Dance Journaling

Pre-Recorded Virtual Dance Class 

Youth Ballet/Jazz

Jazz Cardio

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